Frequently Asked Questions

How are our schools doing?

Our schools are great! All of our Lowell Joint School District (LJSD) schools are California Distinguished Schools and have an academic performance index of over 870. Our top scores in reading and math outperform the Los Angeles County and California State averages. Our highly qualified teachers provide rigorous academics including focus on STEAM programs to help ensure our students have a well-rounded education.

What challenges do our Lowell schools face?

We are proud of the excellent academic performance in our neighborhood schools, but the quality and condition of school facilities has not kept pace. All of our local schools were built more than 50 years ago and desperately need repairs and upgrades. Our schools have leaky roofs, rusty plumbing and failing electrical systems. It's time to make essential repairs and upgrades to the schools, facilities and classroom technology so we can serve our students and community well for decades to come.

How can we address these challenges?

Our students deserve to have the same educational opportunities as others in the region. A secure, local source of funding is necessary to make the essential repairs and upgrades at neighborhood schools. Measure LL, appearing on the November 2018 ballot, will provide the stable, local funding our schools need.

Measure LL would cost property owners no more than $30 of $100,000 of assessed value (not market value) per year, or about $105 for the typical homeowner. If voters approve this measure, the District would be eligible to receive over $16 million in state matching funds.

How do we know funds from measure LL would be spend wisely?

Measure LL includes strict fiscal accountability provisions. Required citizens’ oversight, independent audit and a detailed project list would ensure the funds are spent properly. By law, none of the funds can be spent on administrators’ salaries or benefits, and all funds would stay local to support our students. No funds from the measure could be taken by the State.

How much will Measure LL cost?

The annual cost of Measure LL is approximately $30 per $100,000 of assessed value (not market value) per year. Assessed value is determined by the Los Angeles County Assessor and is often much closer to the original price of the home then to today's market value. Typical homeowners would pay about $105 per year.

Will all funds benefit our Lowell schools?

Measure LL includes strict fiscal accountability provisions. All funds will go to our local schools, be controlled locally and cannot be taken away by the State or federal government. An independent citizens’ oversight committee would ensure that all funds are spent as required by law.

I don't have any kids in school. Why should I vote YES on Measure LL?

Great schools support strong, safe communities. Whether or not you have school-age children, protecting high quality schools means protecting our quality of life, keeping our community a desirable place for young families to move and protecting our home values.

Is there any other way to maintain and improve our schools?

Our schools have limited options when it comes to funding necessary repairs and updates that our schools need. We can't rely on the state to complete these repairs and redirecting funds in the current budget would take resources out of our classroom and away from our students.

When can I vote YES on Measure LL?

All registered voters living in the Lowell Joint School District are eligible to vote on Measure LLl in the November 6th, 2018 election.

What level of support would Measure LL need to pass?

Measure LL needs to be supported by 55% of those who vote on it in order to pass.

How can our school get access to State matching funds?

If voters approve Measure LL, our Lowell schools would be eligible to receive over $16 million in state matching funds that would otherwise go to other districts.

How can I register to vote YES on LL or learn more about voting?

You can register to vote at To find out more about voting in this election, please contact the Los Angeles County Registrar of Voters at (800) 815-2666.

How can I get involved to pass Measure LL?

You can sign up to volunteer and learn more about Measure LL by clicking on this link.