About Measure LL

Vote Yes on LL to keep neighborhood schools on top by providing safe and up-to-date classrooms for all elementary and intermediate students in our community. While our students continue to excel, our schools are over 50 years old and require basic safety repairs and updates. Roofs leak, support beams have extensive termite damage and dry rot and old plumbing and electrical need updating.

Every penny from Measure LL will be dedicated to repairs and upgrade at El Portal Elementary, Jordan Elementary, Macy Elementary, Meadow Green Elementary, Olita elementary, and Rancho-Starbuck Intermediate schools.

We know we cannot rely on the state to fund these critical repairs and updates our schools need. That is why we need Measure LL. By law, all funds must stay here and cannot be taken away by the state. An independent citizens’ oversight committee and mandatory annual audits will ensure that funds are spent as promised. No funds can go towards administrator or teacher salaries, benefits or pensions.

Measure LL will:

  • Repair leaky roofs, rusty plumbing and failing electrical systems
  • Remove hazardous materials and replace damaged and rotting wood and support beams
  • Renovate classroom facilities to meet building and safety standards
  • Upgrade classrooms, facilities and technology infrastructure to support high-quality instruction
  • Improve student safety and campus security
  • Increase energy efficiency
  • Improve access to facilities for students with disabilities

Measure LL is fiscally accountable:

  • Independent citizens’ oversight and annual audits are required
  • Funds cannot be spent on administrator / teacher salaries, benefits or pensions
  • No funds can be taken away by the State

We are fortunate to live in a community with outstanding neighborhood schools that prepare our students to achieve success in high school, college and future careers. Additionally, our excellent schools improve the quality of life in our community and protect the value of our homes. Please join parents, teachers, business and community leaders and vote Yes on LL.